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 Akvo Water from Air Pilot Program – Damoh, MP

Hardua Mangarh, a small village in Damoh faces drought on a regular basis and coupled with depleting ground water available, the local Government has been fighting water crisis for the past few years. With no source of water, providing safe drinking water to the local population has become a challenge. 

On August 2018, the local government sought Akvo’s Air to water technology to test its water from air machines in a pilot program to meet the drinking water demands. Akvo in coordination with the local authorities installed its Akvo 365K machine, a 1000 Liter of water from air per day machine thus ensuring continuous supply of uninterrupted safe drinking water for local population of Hardua Mangarh.

After the completion of the pilot program more Akvo Atmospheric water generators will be installed in strategic locations to fulfil the drinking water demand.