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Akvo has awarded its creative mandate to The Voice Company, a hybrid advertising and content agency based out of Gurgaon for its phased out launch. 

Akvo, a startup brand that’s in the business of manufacturing atmospheric water generators for large factories and offices has launched its Akvo Pod range for homes. The Voice Company, founded by Bodhisatwa Dasgupta in 2020, specializes in creating voices for emerging brands, through various mediums. The company has worked closely with Milkbasket, Ibis Hotels, MG Motor, Fahrenheit, Crossbeats and a few other accounts. 

Navkaran Singh Bagga, founder of Akvo says ‘The fact that drinking water is soon going to be a scarce resource isn’t new information anymore. So the question is, where is the water going to come from when everything else dries up? The air. And that’s what our proprietary technology does – it collects the moisture from the air, adds the essential minerals that are needed by the human body, and converts it into drinking water. When I was looking for partners for the second phase of our growth, the ideas from The Voice Company really stood out in how simple they were, and how interesting, from a content perspective.’ 

around the films in record time, I think we have a nice little launch planned.’

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