5 Akvo Machines installed at Indian Oil, Haldia. - Akvo
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5 Akvo Machines installed at Indian Oil, Haldia.

Inaugurating the Akvo Machine at the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd in Haldia. Installed four Akvo 110k thats makes 300 litres of water per day & one Akvo 36k which makes 100 litres of water per day. Thereby, providing safe, clean drinking water that is created from air to over 1000 employees at Indian Oil Refinery in Haldia. 

The Akvo 110, in the video above produces 300 litres of pure drinking water using the air-to-water technology which replicates the natural process of condensation by simulating a dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions.

The demand for water has increased by more than 300 percent in the last 50 years, while the supply remains the same. With the ever-approaching threat of exhausting the world’s supply of fresh water, Akvo’s Atmoshpheric Water Generators are created to tackle water problems and provide water not only for drinking purposes but also for manufacturing & production at Food & Beverage Industries, pharmaceutical companies, cafes, breweries and more.

 Addressing the global water crisis with Akvo Atmospheric Water Generators. Water. Wherever, Whenever.