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Technological Innovation Reaches Chennai

AKVO Atmospheric Water System Pvt. Ltd sets up the 36K machine at Nalmanam, Chennai. Nalmanam is and NGO that works toward uplifting the lives of underprivileged women and children of the society through better living conditions in education, health and economy.

Mr. Shyam Nagarajan, the company’s VP, added the Akvo Atmospheric Water Generator in the premises giving people access to safe, clean drinking water at all times. The 36k machine can generate upto 100 litres of water per day from the atmosphere. The water collected from our AWG is distilled in its collection stage and then minerals are added to the water to make it reach recommended drinking standards. 

Inauguration of the machine at Nalmanam. In picture Mr. Sriram (trustee) Mr. Dinesh and Mr. Sampath.