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How Atmospheric Water Generators are a Renewable Source Of Water

Akvo Atmospheric Water Generators were created to tackle water problems and provide safe drinking water but here is our claim: With the ever-approaching menace of exhausting the world’s supply of fresh water, Atmospheric Water Generators promise to be the solution to the global water crisis as one of the primary sources of renewable water in the future.

Consider This: The atmosphere we breathe holds 2,00,000 trillion liters of water in vapour form.

Assuming healthy humans need 1 liter of pure drinking water per day, daily drinking water consumption needs for the world’s 8 billion people could be met using only 0.000004% of the water vapor contained in the atmosphere.

Basically, water vapour is sufficient for 25 million times the Earth’s population. Given that the residence time of a water molecule in the lower atmosphere is 9-10 days, the atmosphere has more than 2 million times enough water to provide the world’s entire population.

Atmospheric Water Generators uses new innovative technologies to take water vapour from the atmosphere and convert it to liquid water. And to answer your question, ‘is water vapour in the air unlimited?’ Yes. The natural system does not cause any imbalances in the atmosphere as all the removed water vapour is naturally replenished with water evaporated from the ocean and other water bodies.

So with an infinite source in the form of water vapour, our atmospheric water generators are capable of generating from 40 to 10,000 litres of drinking water in a 24H cycle, while satisfying all requirements.