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Akvosphere gearing to resolve water and food crisis

Akvosphere gearing to resolve water and food crisis through revolutionary self-sustainable water generation system

Backed by a squad of environmentalists, scientists, and tech geeks, Akvo has produced a self-sustainable water generation solution that eliminates the need of depending on earth’s remaining water sources for water generation. Titled “Akvo Farm and Farming Solutions,” the breakthrough product is powered by solar energy and generates water through the help of atmospheric moisture.

In an exclusive interview, Navkaran Singh Bagga, the CEO of Akvosphere, shared that the company has been founded with one primary mission- to de-commodify the world’s biggest commodity – “water.”

“Our groundbreaking water generating system generates water using our proprietary revolutionary air-to-water technology which creates unlimited and clean drinking water from air moisture. That way, our system relieves you from relying on external water generation sources and also eliminates the hassle of paying exorbitant charges to water mafias to access water. Besides, since our system runs on solar power, you will enjoy significant savings on energy bills too.” stated Mr. Bagga.

Speaking on, Mr. Bagga stressed that Akvo Farm and Farming Solutions are based on the principles of Hydroponics. Commonly dubbed as “water-based planting,” Hydroponics can be defined as soil-less and water-based planting. In a Hydroponic setup, plants are grown in an inert medium that receives the growth nutrients through specially treated nutrient-rich water. Hydroponics has shown the potential of solving water requirements in a traditional farming setup- it just takes 1/10th of water consumed in conventional agriculture to grow crops in Hydroponics setup.

“Our Akvo 100 LPD (liters per day) will be a great system to support your home farm with pure water and that too on a daily basis. Additionally, our system will also help to keep the humidity issue in check, thereby ensuring a safe environment for planting.”

The Akvo solar-powered water generation system comes in two versions- Home and Enterprise.

The Home system is for homeowners and tenants who do not want to waste money on purchased water jars. The Akvo Pod for home will help to generate fifty liters of water per day at rated conditions of thirty and eighty precent Relative Humidity.

“We assure you pure water only, devoid of bacteria, virus, harmful chemicals, and pesticides. Our Akvo Pod is equipped with proprietary cutting-edge water filtration technology that comes with three filtration layers that have proven to provide clean water in a way the other technologies can’t. In other words, we assure you of the most in-depth and most advanced water cleaning and filtration.”

The Enterprise system will generate 100 LPD every day. If an organization is not willing to buy the whole system, it can go for the Pay-As-You- Use model. That way, the enterprise-clients will only have to pay for the specific volume of water they consume.

Top features of Akvo Farm and Farming Solutions:

  • Self-sustainable water generation system backed by proprietary technology of generating water from atmospheric moisture
  • UV-treated water free from chemicals, microbes, and pesticides
  • Aimed to resolve water and food crisis across the world
  • Generates mineral-rich water only
  • Assures freedom from water mafias
  • No risk of pollution
  • No dependence on external water resource
  • Beneficial for agricultural farms or home farms
  • No need of elaborate infrastructure
  • Prevent fungal growth in farms
  • Eco-friendly water generation system powered by solar energy
  • Available for both residential and commercial setups
  • Easy to maintain

Akvosphere will start mass production of the water generation system from December 2021 and global distribution will begin from January 2022.

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