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Akvo at African Utility Week

African Utility Week is Africa’s leading trade exhibition for the power and water sector and provides business opportunities for solution providers, utilities and large power users. This year at the 18th African Utility Week, Akvo Atmospheric Water Generators was proud to associated with the event from 15 – 17 May 2018 at Cape Town, South  Africa.

Bringing Indian technology to South Africa to provide a solution of water shortage in Cape Town. Akvo is the most efficient air to water technology with the lowest cost for power consumption per litre of water generated. We use the simple of process of condensation through refrigeration to get the purest form of water.

The larger machines of Akvo produce water for 59 cents per litre and the smaller machines can produce them for about 120 cents per litre. These machines are designed to ensure you have access to quality drinking water for food, tea, coffee and even for your own hydroponic farms at home to grow fresh vegetables. It is also perfect for your small business such as restaurants, microbreweries & coffee places.