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A Future without Water

A future without water…? If you think this is rhetoric, let me assure you it is not. It is a definite possibility in a future as near as 2050. That merits the question, what will happen to the human race when there is no water for consumption? And what of the planet and other life forms on it? Let’s try and answer these questions. We shall then talk about the current water crisis the world is plunged in right now and how atmospheric water generators can make a difference. It might sound far-fetched but consider this…

To begin with, we humans will die out along with some other animals that depend heavily on water for survival. A human being needs at least 64 ounces of water every day to lead a normal and healthy life. in areas that are extremely hot or cold, water requirement of a person per day may go up to a gallon or more. Already, in Somalia, insufficient rainfall caused by global warming, water scarcity and drought are reported to have claimed 110 lives in merely 48 hours. So, we can agree that without water, there will be no human life on earth.

But what about other animals? The Koalas in Australia are endangered because of the 14 year long drought that affected the island continent. Koalas climb down from trees in search of water and fall prey to animals higher in the food chain. During the long drought years, the population of Koalas in Australia reduced by 80%. In Kenya, Hippos are being affected by climate change. The sun is burning their skin and without water, there is no mud for them to cover themselves with. In a world without water, camels and kangaroos will probably put up a brave fight but will go down eventually.

Finally, we come to the planet itself. Imagine an earth where all the lakes, rivers and oceans have dried up. Our pretty little blue-green planet will not be blue green anymore. There will be no water bodies, so no blue. And there will be no trees or vegetation, so no green anymore. It will all be dry and arid full of dust and sand. It will be a depressing brown. There would be no clouds in the sky and no rainfall at the end of a hot summer. Instead, it will be a planet dependent solely on the movement patterns of the wind. It will be like a long drawn summer but not the moderate kind. Temperatures will be abnormally high without the cooling effect of precipitation. There will be more carbon dioxide in the air than oxygen because there will be no trees to take it in and breathe out oxygen. There will only be stretches of lifeless, arid land interspersed with gorges and spikes or mountains.

This then, is what a future without water would look like and it is a distinct possibility if sustainable water management is not practiced throughout the globe. We need to use the freshwater that is available to us in a responsible way in order to conserve water. Also, we need to find other sources of fresh drinking water and water that can be consumed for other purposes like irrigation, industry, power generation and even sanitation. This is where atmospheric water generators come in. These machines use water vapour available freely in the air, to produce fresh drinking water that goes through several stages of distillation. There are different models with varying capacity with machines that are capable of producing up to 1000 litres of water per day. The water produced is suitable for drinking, hydroponic farming, Food & Beverage Industries and pharmaceuticals. The smaller machines are perfect for using at home, cafes, bars and restaurants.  It is time we make the change for a better future for our planet. Contact us for more information.