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Akvo Water Generators at Chennai Corporation

Chennai: The machine was installed by a Kolkatta-based private firm at an annex building in the Ripon Building premises free of cost. “We have installed the machine on a trial basis to see what the machine could do. The machine was installed on Tuesday evening,” a Corporation higher official said.

According to a representative of the private firm, the machine can produce 2 to 4 litres of water per hour based on the humidity in the atmosphere. The machine, apart from comprising water taping parts, has a water purifier system. The machine will consume one unit of electricity to run for an hour. “It should be kept in open place so that atmospheric air enters the machine.”

It will produce two litres of water during the daytime and 4 litres in the evening when the humidity would be higher.

Meanwhile, the official added that if the machine produces more water at a cost lower than the drinking water available outside, all the offices of the civic body would get such machines. “Though we are yet to make a decision, we can try installing this at all the offices. We will check the electricity charges, maintenance cost and other expenses,” he said.

The Chennai Corporation has already felt the pinch as the administration is depending on Metrowater tanker lorries.

“During last week, a few toilets in the premises were closed for two days due to the unavailability of water. Tapping water from the atmosphere would at least succour the drinking water need,” another official said.

Presently, four lakes supplying drinking water to the city have only 175 Mcft of water against the actual capacity of 11,257 Mcft, which is mere 1.55 per cent.