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Water from Air for Farms of the future.

Hydroponics describes the growing of plants without soil. The plants grow in an inert medium, receiving all their nutrients through specially treated water by adding nutrients to it. While many people associate hydroponics with recent advances in gardening, water-based planting has a long history.

Hydroponics is slowly addressing the problems of water requirements of traditional farming, the water consumed in Hydroponics vis-a-vis to conventional agriculture is a whopping one tenth!

How Hydroponics works

The concept behind hydroponics is quite simple. The plants grow in a soilless medium, such as Rockwool, shale or hydrocorn. Hydrocorn is a light-medium based on clay.

All nutrients and fertiliser required for plant growth are mixed into the water, which passes through the medium several times a day. An active hydroponic system uses a pump to move water, while passive systems rely on wick or the medium’s ability to absorb water.

How Akvo Atmospheric Water Generators help

Depleting water sources and impure water urge more and more non-conventional systems need to be integrated with the farms of the future to build robust systems that rely on no external sources.

An Akvo 100 LPD(that is litres per day) is an excellent system to give your home farm pure water that you require on a day to day basis while controlling your humidity on your farm.

Akvo machines can solve the inherent problem of water in the farms. Ideally helping not just in providing a pure water source, but also reducing fungal growth by dehumidification and at the same time controlling and creating a conducive environment for these farms of the future.

More information on AKVO- Atmospheric Water Generators is available on www.akvosphere.com