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4 Main Benefits of Atmospheric Water Generators

Water is a luxury that we take for granted. We bathe using water, we brew our coffee with it, we cook with it, basically more than half of our daily activities require water. For some, water isn’t nearly as accessible or affordable. Here at Akvo®, we understand the importance of water and thus we created a machine to create water from air, in water stress situations. 

Atmospheric Water Generators are future-proof and future forward machines that create water from the air around us.

With the launch of Akvo® AWGs (atmospheric water generator), we can create safe drinking water from air. Akvo® replicates the natural process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make clean drinking water continuously.

So, why would you need an atmospheric water generator? Take a look at some possible reasons you could use this unique equipment.

Live Off-Grid

Off-grid living is sometimes a result of inconvenient circumstances, but other times it is purely by choice. To escape the costs and politics of living on public utilities, many families choose to use alternative methods of energy and water collection.

Water To Go

Industries which require travel, such as the military, can use an atmospheric water generator to create water when resources run low. Setting up camp in a desert, or a region where there is little safe drinking water is much simpler when you have a device like ours to continuously supply hydration.

It’s Cheap & Easy To Maintain

On of the biggest advantages of Atmospheric Water Generators are the cost efficiency of the device. While the immediate cost may outweigh the price of purchasing portable water from a retailer at first, the overall value improves, and a net gain is seen within a short time period.

Another benefit of this method of water retrieval is no additional operating expenses, and because the atmospheric water generator is autonomous, there are no electric bills.

Emergency Water Solutions

Finally, a major reason to implement an atmospheric water generator is for emergency and medical purposes. Having one of these units handy during recovery efforts can help source drinkable water for families, store supplies, medicine and blood, alongside other necessities.

Whether you are living in a remote area, or your job is taking you to a place where living conditions are less than favourable, we’ve got you covered when it comes to clean drinking water!